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Vehicle maintenance is no longer just for luxury cars, but now it is commonly enjoyed by anyone for their private cars. Thanks to increasingly affordable maintenance prices, with satisfying results, making the car look sleek for a long time. So that we find more and more auto detail los angeles workshops for a car in big cities in particular. There are two types of car paint treatments that we commonly encounter in car detailing service, namely ordinary polish with compound materials and ceramic coatings. Then which of the two treatments is better in terms of cost and quality? There are several advantages of detailing with ceramic compared to polish in an ordinary car detailing service, especially from the services provided vehicle detailing near me.

The first advantage is the cheaper cost. Maybe we will ask, how come ceramic coating is cheaper when at first glance it is way more expensive than polish? However, in terms of quality, paint resistance, and the cost that must be spent in a matter of years, it turns out that ceramic coating is much more economical than polish in an ordinary car salon. Here’s the illustration: The car body shines with regular polish only lasts a month, meaning that car owners have to go to a car salon every month. Meanwhile, with the ceramic coating, it can last for years as long as it doesn’t have an accident or is accidentally removed. If ceramic has been applied, there is no need for maintenance every month, just routine maintenance is enough only once in 6 months.

Another important reason why you need to use a ceramic coating service is that coating does not remove car paint coating. Different from polish in a regular detailing salon which tends to erode the paint varnish layer, ceramic coating applies an additional layer of ceramic to the car paint. So that the car paint is protected and becomes more durable because the color does not fade.

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