Strategic Self Management System – Understanding the Basics of Time Management

Time is the most precious asset each of us holds. You cannot buy it, borrow it, or steal it. You have one opportunity and then the time is gone. You can never recover it once lost, you can never change it once it has passed by, and you can never control it Asset Management Wealth Advisory.

Time is elusive, a moment, an essence, an ethereal space. You cannot see it, feel it, or taste it. It is merely an instrument, if we choose to use, it in measuring our accomplishments. To identify if we are achieving a return on investment for energy expended in the space we call time.

Together, it is our attitude and our productivity towards time that determine the level of success we will achieve in our lives. We do not know at what point in time the clock will stop ticking for us which is why it is so precious.

Time is only of value to those who know what to do with it. A great many of today’s challenges has little or nothing to do with time but rather has more to do with not knowing what we wish to do with time or unable to resolve problems in relationship to it.

Listen carefully to, “I never seem to have enough time in a day to accomplish everything.”; “I’m bored. I don’t know what to do.”; “I’m working 24/7 a day now. I don’t have TIME to learn anything new!”

It appears the statements above have to do with time, but in reality, they have to do with the problems relating to time. Semantics, yes, however in order to understand the above statements we must first recognize we have a problem, before we are willing to do anything about it.

Our fast-paced economic environment and the demands to realize higher and constant deadline commitments are also manifesting as time shortages. We complete one task yet four or five more are happily waiting for our attention. The old 40-hour weeks, now turn into 60, 70, and sometimes even 80, in the pursuit of happiness.

It becomes overwhelming to deal with the never-ending to do lists allowing us to chase from one task to the next. Believing we are working hard and if we just keep going we will be successful.

Time is only a commodity if we utilize it with a precise end in mind. Failure to do this will result in simply the spinning of wheels, lots of activity but very little result. This is the secret of successful CEO’s of major corporations, business owners, and the financially successful. They have learned right action equals right results, they leverage their activities, and they set the bar and push to accomplish it.

In the end, your results are in direct proportion to the effort of establishing a clearly defined plan. No more and no less. Every activity you perform should be part of the plan. That is what it means to direct and control your future in relation to time.